In the summer of 2002 while in NY we went to see The Lion King on Broadway .When the show ended the actors went over seeking donations from the audience. They reminded us of the world outside, that there are those less fortunate that need the help of the more fortunate. They reminded us of home and a dream to make our home a better place.
One day in the middle of our life we gathered some friends and formed Tzimaon with Shlomo Artzi as Chairman, and decided to pick up slivers of forgotten dreams. We decided to rediscover Israel and rekindle the dream of a beautiful country.
We started in Givat Olga by renovating the Shahar youth club. A year later we went to the darker side of Tel Aviv to the Eitan Scouts troop in the Shapira neighborhood where we built a community center for the children and youths. We found students just before their big break into life and created a support system of scholarships and adopting families.
Over the years our vision became clearer, friends and supporters joined the cause, all as volunteers. We recognized that the choice we made was to invest in education. Realizing that the children and youth are the future of this country, they embody the promise for an enlightened, equal, just and better future we took it upon ourselves to improve and better the lives of the children in distressed neighborhoods and develop local leadership among the young residents. We encourage young people to dream and try to provide them with tools to bring them to a better starting point in life.