About Us

Tzima’on is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 by iconic Israeli artist Shlomo Artzi, his life partner Michael Heled, and their friends. The organization is based on kindness and giving, and inspiring change, social responsibility and excellence. 

Tzima’on is the Hebrew word for “thirst”. It is not about luxury or privilege. It describes a fundamental need for life. Without water there is no life. All human beings need nurture and kindness. We at Tzima’on aim to provide this to those who need it the most so they can live, thrive and flourish. 

All members of the organization donate their time, from the executive committee down to the volunteers on the ground. Every dollar donated to Tzima’on goes directly to support our programs. We have no salaried employees.


Tzimaon for a Hug

Tzimaon for a Hug This project was established in 2014 for the welfare of children of asylum seekers and their families. Within this project, we

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Scholarship For Success

Tzimaon has been running this unique project for over a decade, providing precisely what the project is called: a Scholarship for Success.   Many scholarships for

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Contact Us

Tzima’on Office Address: Ahimair Street 7a Ramat Gan 5258735

Phone: +972-54-3054051 

Fax: +972-3-6470319

Email: tzimaon@tzimaon.co.il

Donation Call-center: +972-54-3054051