Scholarship For Success

Tzimaon has been running this unique project for over a decade, providing precisely what the project is called: a Scholarship for Success.  

Many scholarships for students in need are financial, intended to cover tuition only. We support students who come from underserved and disadvantaged backgrounds, and students who face additional personal challenges that require special help. Our scholarship is unique in that we also provide them with the ongoing mentorship and individual and personalized support for their physical and emotional health needs so that they may succeed in their studies. 

Dedicating both their time and experience, our adult volunteers accompany young students from challenging backgrounds throughout their studies, and forge a lasting relationship that supports them throughout their journey to education and adulthood for long-term development. This model program helps students embark on their path to the future with confidence, knowledge and support. 

How it Works

Tzimaon supports project participants by paying for their entire tuition, but provides much more than that. Participants in the project will receive support in choosing an educational direction, choosing a profession and finding employment. Our over-arching goal is to help them make the right choices for them to make a significant change in their lives.  

The special spirit of our scholarship project makes it unique and sets it apart from other programs. We provide participants in the program with the personal guidance and mentorship they require, each for their own individual reasons and circumstances. Together with our adult volunteers, we help these young students shape their path, with the utmost sensitivity to their personal stories and needs. 

Each student has a continuous and direct relationship with their volunteer role models, who soon become an integral part of their lives, and serve as a source of support, backing and personal example.

This personal connection, and the close involvement of the role models, are a prerequisite for participation in the Scholarship for Success project. This is a highly effective model. The program has proven successful for over a decade, leading to impressive and exciting achievements, impacting both participants and volunteers, and creating a ripple effect that benefits Israeli society at large.  

You can help continue Scholarships for Success and create more success stories. We welcome your support.

Annual cost of tuition per student – NIS 15,000 per year.Annual cost of supportive treatments per student (physical, emotional and mental health needs)–NIS 10,000 per year

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