The Erez Or Yehuda Alumni Support Organization

The Erez Or Yehuda preparatory program continues to support its graduates with a special alumni organization that counsels them throughout their next stages before, during and after mandatory army service.  

Run by Tzima’on, together with a council of Erez Or Yehuda alumni, the organization introduces the younger graduates to the options available to them after the army in the fields of academic studies, professional training, employment opportunities and even where to live, and helps them explore these avenues.

In addition, the alumni organization provides practical training and workshops to provide graduates with necessary life-skills: decision making, writing a resume, preparing for job interviews, personal finances, starting a business, and other tools they need to become independent young adults. 

The organization also provides personal mentorship for graduates requiring closer personal support. Contributing from their own rich experience, the mentors help graduates create a personalized plan that suits their specific interests, aspirations and abilities. 

The organization views community involvement as a value that benefits both graduates and society at large. Both graduates and current Erez Or Yehuda students volunteer within the community, and the alumni organization encourages graduates to take part in the ongoing community work. 

To enhance its own community of alumni, the organization holds two annual two-day gatherings of all Erez Or Yehuda graduates. Besides being great social events that keep the graduate community vibrant, the gatherings are an opportunity for crowd-sourcing knowledge: graduates exchange information, benefitting from each other’s experience. 

The main idea of the alumni organization is that graduating from the preparatory program is not the end of the road, but rather the beginning of a life-long partnership of shared values and experiences. The organization is committed to mutual help and support designed to elevate all members to their very best. 

את הארגון מובילה הנהלת הארגון בשילוב עם מועצת הבוגרים בה חברים נציגים מכל אחד ממחזורי המכינה.

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