Tzimaon for a Hug

Tzimaon for a Hug

This project was established in 2014 for the welfare of children of asylum seekers and their families. Within this project, we adopted four kindergartens and the Abu Jida school, attended by young children from the Eritrean community living in Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv is home to a community of many thousands of asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, who came to Israel in 2006-2013 to escape war and danger in their countries. 

Most families of asylum seekers live on the lowest socio-economic rung, in chronic hardship and in constant survival mode. Economic difficulties worsen the emotional stress the families are already experiencing, further deepening their distress.

Most parents are forced to take several jobs in order to make a living, leaving their children for long hours. These children are placed in improvised and unregulated facilities called ‘babysitters.’ 

While well-intended, the nurseries and kindergartens are severely lacking in physical conditions, nutrition, health, educational training- leaving the children neglected and at real risk for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

The harm caused to the children in such arrangements is expressed in every aspect of life. They often show delays in development, difficulty adjusting to frameworks, and high levels of anxiety. These difficulties continue throughout their childhood and education, severely impacting their future.

We at Tzimaon have made it our goal to improve the physical, educational, and social environment of these children.

Activities in Kkindergartens

Tzimaon’s work in the kindergartens takes place on several levels:

  • Supplying a healthy, fresh, and nutritious lunch.
  • Providing medical and emotional treatment, as needed.
  • Creating the conditions for the children to live with dignity: renovating and accessorizing the classrooms with toys, games, books, art supplies, beds, mattresses and blankets.  
  • Giving warmth and love to the children recruiting volunteers who spend quality time with the children every week. Providing enrichment: setting up enrichment clubs twice a week, introducing a variety of therapeutic activities including music, movement, and animal therapy..
  • Arranging tTrips, fun excursions, birthday parties, and more.

The Abu Jida School- Educational Program

The goal of the Abu Jida school is to strengthen the children in this community, so that they learn the core curriculum of the Israeli educational system, while at the same time, preserving the Eritrean culture, and learning the native Tigrinya language.

Here too, Tzimaon has undertaken to improve both the physical conditions and the educational environment the children need for their development.

Our organization assists in improving the scope of studies, with Tzimaon volunteers coming in weekly to give private lessons to the students who need them most. 

Food and Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition is key to a child’s development and the absence of it causes long-term damage that is often irreversible. Tzimaon supports the 400 children attending the Abu Jida school and the kindergartens with a warm, fresh and nutritious lunch every day.  

Supporting our Programs

By supporting our program, you will help us support the children of the asylum-seeking families and ensure they have the basic conditions to thrive. 

Tzimaon is a registered supervised and licensed non-profit, #580434173.

Donations may be made to the Otzar HaChayal Bank, Account 202029, Branch 365.

For further information, please contact our offices at Tel. 972-054-305-4051. We’d love to meet you in person too. Our address is: Kfar HaMaccabia, #7 Peretz Bernstein Street, Ramat Gan.

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